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Condition: POWs IN GERMANY 1939-1945 [in German & Italian] NEW published 2016
Country: GERMANY
Prisoners of War in Germany: 1939-1945, by Gianfranco Mattiello, published 2016 perfect bound, 6 ½” x 9 ½”, 420 pages; introduction in Italian, English and German; listings of camps and related population divided by nationality in English, colour plates in German; black and white map, and an 85-page appendix with colour illustrations throughout. In 1986-1987 Dr. Mattiello and Wolfgang Vogt co-authored two books on the topic of this book; it was a seminal work and the first book dealt with the Stalags, the second one with the Oflags and other camps; a total of 2400 handstamps used by the censors of the camps to prove they had examined the POW mail were described and illustrated. Although much information was included in the two books some had to be reserved for a later work because of high printing costs. In fact the two volumes had exceeded 600 pages. In 2003 the author of this book wrote and published a book in German on the same subject. It was a limited edition and was soon out of print. In recent times there has been a noticeable revival of interest on POW mail and this new edition promises to satisfy the demand from those who were not able to secure a copy of the first edition and from new collectors and scholars. This new book provides the information published in 1986-1987 plus the information that had been omitted at the time, minus the illustrations of the censor marks. Needless to say that the author had dug into the files of the Red Cross Archives and spent long hours to retrieve very valuable information. He had tried to do the same at the Information Office of the German Army in Berlin, but was told that they did not have any of the information he was looking for. This means that there remain gaps here and there that will be near to impossible to fill The statistics of the Stalags before July 1941 are very detailed, and the nationalities of the prisoners of war and their number are given for those from: Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Egypt, France, Great Britain and British Commonwealth, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Norway, The Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Finland, Soviet Union, USA and Yugoslavia. This is no small achievement and the appendix to this volume consists of 85 pages in colour featuring a very impressive selection from Mattiello’s collection. Although the covers and cards are described in German this is a very easy obstacle to overcome with the use of the internet. Additionally, it is very useful to the collector who decides to mount his collection and organise it in a very sensible way. The book includes a cross reference list of nationalities and camps in which they were detained, as well as an alphabetical list of the location of the camps and related camp numbers. The book is well produced and reasonably priced; it will undoubtedly appeal to collectors from countries that had members of their army captured by German forces and detained in POW camps in Germany. Reviewed by Giorgio Migliavacca
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