EUROPE Scott #0 ROMANIA FORGERIES 1856-1869 by Earee Stamp

Condition: ROMANIA FORGERIES 1856-1869 by Earee
Country: ROMANIA
ROBERT BRISCO EAREE ** ROMANIA: EARLY FORGERIES 1856-1869 ** A good and comprehensive, but by no means complete, description of a good number of the existing forgeries of ROMANIA from 1856 to 1869 The differences between the genuine stamps and the forgeries are described in great detail. 52 Pages, in English, with Illustrations including few new ones of forged stamps as a bonus 2011 Reprint of the 1905 last and best compilation from Earee's 3rd Edition of "ALBUM WEEDS - or How To Detect Forged Stamps" Earee gives details for every forged stamp and postmark known at that time. The book gives simple ways to pick the genuine from the forgeries. An essential work for collectors of classic issues. THIS REPRINT MAKES AVAILABLE -- FOR THE FIRST TIME --RESEARCH FROM EAREE'S WORK IN CONVENIENT REPRINTS OF SINGLE COUNTRIES (before you had to buy a book that now retails for $200 with countries A to Z; or at best a modern reprint in 6 volumes that would cost you $150 to $200 -- both long out of print!!!) EXPECT: Research that was compiled at the end of the 1800s EXPECT: Good production with printing quality based on an original that was produced 106 years ago DO NOT EXPECT 2011 photography, or state-of-the-art typographical and lay-out quality in a reprint of a 1905 book BEING THE EARLIEST DETAILED RESEARCH ON THE SUBJECT MATTER THE VALUE OF THIS BOOKLET IS ESSENTIALLY ITS GREAT BIBLIOGRAPHIC RELEVANCE LIMITED EDITION *** NOT TO BE MISSED!!! ESSENTIAL BIBLIOGRAPHIC REFERENCE FOR THE SERIOUS COLLECTOR WE SHIP WORLDWIDE
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