FORGERIES Scott #0 FORGERIES & REPRINTS ROMANIA 1858-1922 - by De Haene Stamp

Condition: FORGERIES & REPRINTS ROMANIA 1858-1922 - by De Haene
Country: ROMANIA
ROMANIA FORGERIES & REPRINTS 1858-1922 ETUDE SUR LES FAUX TIMBRES DE ROUMANIE seminal work by A. De Haene , in French, plenty of good useful information throughout. Easy reading even for those with rather limited knowledge of French. It includes forgeries of stamps issued between 1858 and 1922: Moldavia, Romania, plus postage dues, part forgeries, forged overprints, German Occupation, forged postmarks, air mail issues, REPRINTS 1858 to 1879, Romanian Occupation of Hungary, DEBRECZEN and SZEGEDIN, ROMANIA’S LEVANT ISSUES, AUSTRIAN OCCUPATION OF ROMANIA 1917. Reprint of the rare 1926 edition, fine quality. Printed on on lignin free and acid free special paper. 16 pages with black & white and color illustrations. THIS IS A MUST HAVE bibliophile publication. -
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