FORGERIES Scott #0 FORGERIES LEVANT: Russia, Austria, Germany, Italy Stamp

Condition: FORGERIES LEVANT: Russia, Austria, Germany, Italy
Country: RUSSIA
LEVANT FORGERIES: GERMAN, AUSTRIAN, ENGLISH, FRENCH, ITALIAN, POLISH, ROMANIAN, and RUSSIAN LEVANT, plus MALTA & IONIAN ISLANDS *** √Čtude sur les Faux Timbres du LEVANT, MALTE & ILES IONIENNES *** Seminal work by A. De Haene, in French, plenty of good useful information throughout. Easy reading even for those with rather limited knowledge of French. It includes forgeries, reprints, alterations, forged postmarks, and forged overprints. Reprint of the rare 1926 edition, fine quality, printed on high quality, white paper from short fibre pulp from eucalyptus trees, chlorine free. 16 pages with black & white illustrations. A FEW ILLUSTRATIONS HAVE BEEN ADDED TO THE ORIGINAL EDITION and where possible the original edition has been digitally improved. LIMITED EDITION.
Item Id #: 003877