AIR MAIL Scott #0 CANADA NEWFOUNDLAND AIRMAILS handbook catalogue Stamp

Condition: CANADA NEWFOUNDLAND AIRMAILS handbook catalogue
Country: CANADA
BRAND NEW COPY! Heavy book to ship!! This is a 552 page catalogue covering all aspects of Canadian aerophilately. The topics covered are:Pioneer Flights, SCADTA, Semi-Officials, Airships, Government & other 1st Flight covers 1926-1997 (including historical flights, airport dedications & commemorative flights), Crash Covers, Balloon Flights, Helicopters, Anniversary covers, Canadian Forces & Canadian Warplane Heritage covers, Aerogrammes, Canadian Forces Air Letter Sheets, Airport & Air Mail Field Cancellations, Air Mail Rates, Air Mail Endorsements, Jusqu'a Markings, Astrophilately, Newfoundland Stamps & Covers, Listings of Air Mail Pilots, and a Bibliography. Hardbound - fantastic book
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