ITALY AREA Scott #0 ITALY MAIL SERVICE 1943 1945 WORLD WAR 2 by Bagni Stamp

Condition: ITALY MAIL SERVICE 1943 1945 WORLD WAR 2 by Bagni
ITALY: POSTAL HISTORY OF THE MAIL SERVICE FROM 1943 to 1945 THE POSTAL SERVICE AND THE WAR: 1943-1945 by Nello Bagni and other Authors In Italian, 96 pages, replete with color illustrations, perfect bound, 16 cm x 24 centimeters During the second half of 1943 many developments impacted the postal service in Italy: the most important of them being the liberation of the South, the signing of an armistice with the Allies, and the splitting of the country into two parts with the North in the hands of Mussolini (better yet, Germany). 1944 and 1945 saw also new dramatic developments and as the Allies moved North the Bolognese region found itself between the devil and the deep blue sea. Mail from those days provides an unsuspected and faithful mirror that chronicled the various phases. The book reproduces many archive documents and delves into both civilian and military mails.
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