In 1911 the Mongols liberated themselves from the Chinese; in 1921 Mongolia declared its independence and in 1924 a communist government was established. International recognition was slow but it gained momentum in 1945. The first postage stamps used in Mongolia were those of Russia; the earliest occurrence dates back to 1858 at a time when a number of Russian post offices were operating inside Mongolia. The first stamps of Mongolia were issued in August 1924. Printed in Moscow the definitive stamps had face values ranging from 1c to $1, Chinese currency. Mongolia adopted its own currency in 1926 (1 tughrik = 100 mung). Until the outbreak of World War II the stamps of Mongolia were inscribed in English and Mongol. No stamps were issued in 1942-43, but when stamp issuing was re-instated the stamps were inscribed in Cyrillic and many were printed in Russia.

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