This Territory was formed on 3 March 1962; it comprises former Dependencies of the Fakland Islands except South Georgia. The first stamps of the British Antarctic Territory (BAT) were issued on 1 February 1963 as a set of 15 values of a pictorial definitive series adorned by a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II and various scenes of human activity in Antarctica. These stamps were overprinted in 1969-1971 to adjust to the decimalisation of the British Pound. BAT has been issuing stamps on a regular basis; some issues reflect the special commemorations that belong to omnibus series such as Royal Anniversaries, Churchill, Halley’s Comet, Princess Diana, etc. The 1973 definitive featuring Antarctic explorers and their ships is very popular with thematic collectors. More explorers and their ships were featured in an equally attractive definitive set of 2008.

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