We believe that variety is the spice of life. Although our main speciality is Stamps of the Italian Area & Worldwide Postal History we have been advertising our stock of Thematic Covers and Maximum Cards in Linn’s, Topical Time, Gibbons Stamp Monthly and European magazines since the early 1980s. In those days we published a popular price list twice a year; then came the computers’ age and shortly after the internet age. In 1999 we started reaching the global market on eBay and you are probably already familiar with our name. We are proud of our 100% positive feedback left by thousands of satisfied customers. And we do have loyal customers going back to the 1970s. Our aim is not to serve a big crowd looking for the lowest price (irrespective of quality or authenticity), but a smaller number of collectors who place quality, customer service, knowledge, integrity and experience at the top of their list. That’s our way of being competitive: in the long run it will save you money and you will acquire items that make a BIG difference for your collections NOW and in the future when you sell your stamps. For decades we have helped collectors worldwide build important collections, some of them earning gold medals at national and international levels. Customers, quite often, turn to us for advice; they do value our opinion and input and it all goes to cement a rapport between buyer and seller that is priceless because it is based on trustworthiness and dependability.

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