The first stamps of the Falkland Islands were issued in 1878, they were on unwatermarked paper and depicted Queen Victoria. In 1891, shortage of low denominated stamps brought about bisects and overprints to create 1/2c stamps. A pictorial definitive series was issued in 1933. Pictorial definitive stamps proved very popular and continued successfully during the reigns of George VI and Elizabeth II. Overprinted stamps of Falkland Islands were issued in 1944 for separate Dependencies such as Graham Land, South Georgia, South Shetlands and South Orkneys. The stamps of these Dependencies are listed separately under the specific heading. The stamps of the Falkland Islands and Dependencies are extremely popular. This is partly a result of their intrinsic rarity and the great publicity generated by the 1982 war. Since then the value of these stamps has been on the rise.

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