JANINA [IOANNINA] (early 1900s population: 30,000), a town in Epirus under Ottoman rule, where on 16 August 1902 Italy opened a post office. The first supply of stamps consisted of Italian definitive stamps, soon replaced by similar ones overprinted “ALBANIA” on the first line, and below it, on the second line, the face value in Turkish currency obscuring the original face value in Italian currency. The Greek population did not welcome these overprints, which, in due course, were replaced by new stamps overprinted with the face value expressed in local currency, like the earlier ones, but the inscription “ALBANIA” on the first line omitted. In an attempt to speed up these replacements, during an early phase, the first line of the original overprint was not inked, thereby leaving an albino impression of “ALBANIA” on the stamps. This was deemed unsatisfactory and the first line was completely omitted. Although expressly issued for Janina, the use of these “neutral” overprints was, in 1908, extended to Scutari, Valona and Durazzo until 1909 when these offices issued their own overprinted definitive stamps. Similarly, seven Italian definitive stamps overprinted “JANINA”were issued in February 1909; a complementary 40 piastre high denomination with the same overprint was issued in January 1911. The Italian Post Office in Janina was closed in September 1911, due to the war between Turkey and Italy, as were the other Italian post offices in the Albanian region and in the Ottoman Empire. Ioannina (Janina) was incorporated into the Greek state on 21 February 1913. The Janina post office was reopened from February 1913 to November 1914, and then from June to September 1917. During this last phase, Italian stamps were used. COPYRIGHT: We own the copyright in this site and in material published on it such as articles, technical profiles, technical information, general information, descriptions and photographs of all items. Those works and the entire content of this website are protected by copyright laws around the world. All our rights are reserved. All images, text and stamps featured on this site (virginstamps.com) are our SOLE PROPERTY and may not be copied or reproduced in any form whatsoever. Swift legal action will be taken against any individual, organisation, group, or company found to have violated our copyright in any form or reproduced any of the webpages, images or content without prior written permission.

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SCOTT 11 ** SASSONE 470 euros – centering FINE for this issue ** SIGNED MIGLIAVACCA

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