SASENO (SAZANI Island) ‘an uninhabited island at the entrance of the Valona (Vlore) Bay’ was occupied by Italy on 30 October 1914 and turned it into a military base. After World War I, at the Paris Peace Conference (1919-1920) Italy’s request for a mandate over Valona (Vlore) and Central Albania was rejected and eventually Italy was allowed to retain the tiny island of Saseno [Sazan]. The island became part of Italy in 1920 until World War II; it was returned to Albania in 1947. Saseno was administratively part of Lagosta, part of the Italian Province of Zara (Dalmatia). Nowadays there is an Italo-Albanian naval base to combat contraband between the two countries. On 6 February 1923, Italy opened a postal facility on the island where current Italian stamps were used. In April of the same year a set of eight Italian definitive stamps overprinted “SASENO” were issued, but their use was discontinued sometime in September. From there on, current Italian stamps were used by the local post office. ~~~~~ COPYRIGHT: We own the copyright in this site and in material published on it such as articles, technical profiles, technical information, general information, descriptions and photographs of all items. Those works and the entire content of this website are protected by copyright laws around the world. All our rights are reserved. All images, text and stamps featured on this site ( are our SOLE PROPERTY and may not be copied or reproduced in any form whatsoever. Swift legal action will be taken against any individual, organisation, group, or company found to have violated our copyright in any form or reproduced any of the webpages, images or content without prior written permission.

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