The ever-increasing popularity of Vatican City stamps among collectors is well known. Quite a number of collectors seek out their forerunners, from pre-philatelic covers to stamp issues of the Roman States also known as Papal States [these can be found in a separate segment of this website under POSTAL HISTORY ITALIAN AREA and PAPAL STATES. For those interested in Vatican stamps or in religious topicals the collector will delight in collecting this area. It would be hard to find a richer or more fascinating field for the student of socio-political and philatelic history than this country, which spans from the most important years in the unification of the Italian peninsula to the new millennium. WHAT IS LISTED ON THIS WEBSITE IS ONLY A TINY FRACTION OF OUR STOCK and you are encouraged to contact us with details of stamps or covers you would like to buy. You will find Vatican’s thematic issues in various segments of our website such as THEMATICS under POPES & SAINT and RELIGION; many religious subjects depicted on Vatican stamps can be found in the same THEMATICS category under PAINTINGS. Navigating our website will lead to interesting discoveries!!

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