The first Saint Helena stamp, a 6 pence stamp depicting the head of Queen Victoria turned left was issued on 1 January 1856. The 1902 definitive stamps were quite innovative because they prominently featured local views – Government House and The Wharf. These pictorial definitive issues continued under George V until 1916. Between 1922 and 1937 a new pictorial definitive design was introduced featuring prominently the badge of the Colony: a three masthead sailing ship near the base of steep cliffs. The ship’s sails are furled and a flag flies at the stern. The centenary of British colonisation was celebrated with a set of 10 pictorial stamps depicting local scenery, with some values featuring the portraits of the four monarchs who ruled between 1834 and 1934, one for each corner of the stamp design. The 2 shilling 6 pence denomination features Saint Helena holding a sizable cross. The George VI 1938 definitive series continued the tradition of featuring the badge of the colony, but in a new elaboration. The first definitive serie of Elizabeth II expanded the pictorial aspect to include waterfalls, local crafts, agriculture, a local bird, and the map of the island.

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