The French Overseas Collectivity of St. Pierre and Miquelon, population 6,000, is located near Newfoundland. Jacques Cartier annexed the two groups of islands to France in 1536 on behalf of the King of France. St. Pierre and Miquelon have been issuing their own stamps since 1885 when the 2c stamp of the French colonial definitive series was overprinted upside down SPM 5c”. More colonial stamps were similarly overprinted between 1885 and 1891 with upright overprints. The first distinctive stamps with the name of the territory included in the design were issued in February 1909 as a series with three different designs. Specific definitive series were issued in the decades that followed. A recess printed definitive series consisting of seven designs was issued in October 1947. As expected St. Pierre and Miquelon participated in the various French colonial omnibus series beginning in 1931 with a set saluting the International Colonial Exhibition. Modern stamps tend to have a thematic subject with a preponderance of locally relevant topics and commemorations.”

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