Wallis and Futuna Islands, the smallest of French overseas territories, started to issue postage stamps in 1920. The archipelago’s name comes from its discoverer, the British explorer Samuel Wallis. The present population is about 12,000; and its status was changed in 2003 to that of French Overseas Collectivity. New Caledonia stamps were used in the archipelago until 1920; at that time New Caledonia definitive stamps overprinted ILES WALLIS ET FUTUNA were introduced. These overprinted issues continued throughout the next two decades. The first stamps with the name of the islands included in their design consisted of a set of 14 values issued in 1944 by the Free French administration. Eight provisional overprints were issued in 1945; these values remained in use for many years. Wallis and Futuna joined the various French omnibus series, beginning with Mutual Aid charity stamps in 1944, to the ILO 50th anniversary, 1969.

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