2014 FLORENCE STRAW HATS & ACCESSORIES mint never hinged


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Condition: 2014 FLORENCE STRAW HATS & ACCESSORIES mint never hinged

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29 November 2014, € 0.80 stamp
Tuscan straw hats: as part of the traditional series featuring “Italian Pre-eminencies of the Production & Economic Sectors”. The new stamp celebrates the achievements of the Florentine Weaving and Straw Hats Industry. The stamp depicts three impressive straw hats displayed at the Domenico Michelacci Weaving Museum at Signa. In fact, Signa is the cradle of the straw hat industry that dates back to the 1300s. In 1718 Michelacci was able to create the marzuolo wheat which was not good for wheat but just fabulous for its high-quality straw. This was a giant leap, quality wise, and gave impetus to the Tuscan exports of the straw hat industry. During the mid-1800s some weavers emigrated to England and elsewhere and used the Tuscan manufacturers’ secrets to substantially improve British weaved goods, including, of course, hats. The superiority of the Florentine industry is still a fact in this 21st century, with major export markets showing increased interest for high quality accessories such as the Florentine straw hats, often referred to as Leghorn. Signa remains the headquarters of superior, unparalleled straw hats production in the world. Fashion changes, and the Florentine straw hats have undeniably contributed to haute couture and adjusted to its ever changing needs with ease and with an artisanal mastery perfected through a tradition of over seven centuries.


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