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Poste Estensi – Trattato Storico e Storico Postale 1453-1852: Catalogo dei bolli, 2016 [Este’ Posts – History and Postal History 1453-1852: Postmarks Catalogue, 2016] by Giuseppe Buffagni, published 2016 by Vaccari, perfect bound, 8” x 12” (A4), 64 pages, in Italian, black and white illustrations throughout, and evaluations.
The first book on the postal history of the Duchy of Modena is Vittorio Mioni’s ‘La Storia Postale dei Domini Estensi 1598-1859’ published in 1975. It was most welcome, well researched and it remains an important source of information. In 2001 the Modenese publisher Paolo Vaccari courageously published the 4-volume opus by Giuseppe Buffagni on the Este’ Posts and postal history, totalling 1544 pages and over 3000 colour and black and white illustrations. To put it mildly, it was a colossal achievement.
Fifteen years after that milestone in philatelic and postal history publishing both the publisher and the author realised that new postmarks and several handwritten marks, as well as complementary postmarks such as registration marks, post paid, posted after departure (of courier) postmarks of the various post offices of the former Duchy have been recorded during the last 15 years. Of course, this was due to an appreciable extent to discoveries made by collectors who had bought Buffagni’s volumes. To these discoveries one must add similar finds by the author and publisher which included more specific dates of use extending the earliest and latest date of use, plus the color of the ink used for the postmarks.
As the information exceeded the most optimistic expectations it became increasingly clear that the section devoted to the postmarks of Buffagni’s 2001 work had to be be updated, revised and expanded by publishing a separate catalogue in tune with the new finds and with the market.
This catalogue does not include administrative and free-frank handstamps which are dealt with in the main opus.
For the collector or scholar who needs more information about the use of the Duchy’s postmarks the 2001 volumes are indispensable; there would be little excuse for the buyer to escape the temptation because the 2001 price was €335, while now you can buy it for €100, a giveaway for four hardbound lavishly produced volumes.
Reviewed by Giorgio Migliavacca


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